Monday, January 19, 2009

Rule #19

It's going to take longer than you think.

Always, without fail. If say, like today I'm sick. still. I thought for sure that yesterday i was better until around 9pm when my nose started running and brain felt like it was being crushed. My flu symptoms had just changed position, that's all. i left work early on friday. i had the weekend to get better, thinking 'i'll stay in bed drink my fluids and i'll be fine. One day. Spend Sunday playing in the snow. Monday i'll be good.' Dead wrong. Monday night. Still not feeling right.


boxgirl said...

i'm trying to pick out a therapist. i sooo don't want to do it, but my parents are making me. not that i don't like's great telling your problems to a stranger, but i feel guilty cutting them a check. i'm thinking a man this time, someone who understands 'artistic' people, but at the same time is smart and detached enough. basically you should be my therapist. any thoughts?

boxgirl said...

btw. chicken noodle soup does work.

Vector said...